Upgrading to minikube v1.9.2 on Windows 10

2 min readApr 16, 2020


From 1.6.2, eek!

It’s been a few months since I fired up my minikube instance and since then, minkube v1.9.2 and K8S v1.18.1 have come out. Time to upgrade!

Upgrade Minikube to v.1.9.2

minikube stop

choco upgrade minikube --version 1.9.2

Upgrade Kubernetes

minikube stop
minikube start --kubernetes-version=1.18.1

Upgrade kubectl

choco upgrade kubernetes-cli

kubectl version

and you’re done!!!


You will see this message:

I’ve tried to fix this without deleting minikube, because it was bothering me. Upon reading https://github.com/kubernetes/minikube/issues/6938 it’s benign and not worth the effort.

If you are willing to start over, you can always delete your minikube cluster and start over.

minikube delete
minikube start --vm-driver vmware --cpus 4 --memory 4096 --kubernetes-version=1.18.1
You might see this…
or you might see images downloading

I’ve tried upgrading K8S without updating minikube, and got errors.

so don’t do that.

All in all, a pretty straight forward upgrade, very similar to the last update. Happy cloud computing every one.

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