Skaffold, a quick run-through on Windows

Some back story…

I have been deploying software for a long time. I remember taking a floppy disk (3.5" not the 5.25" kind) and running a small program at over 1,000 PCs to get our PCs Y2K ready, by hand. That was almost 20 years ago if you can believe it. Now, you can deploy entire environments with the latest version of your production releases all with one button without even touching anything other than a keyboard.

A reenactment of when I had to install software for Y2K
Previous Build Flow


  • Install skaffold
  • Have a working minikube / kubectl setup
choco install skaffold
I had to add force because I already installed it.
Successful deployment message
Dashboard view of the deployment
adding a tag policy
You might have to log in to the Docker on your desktop.
Before and After the yml change
skaffold delete



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