Spinnaker on Minikube using Helm v2

kubectl apply -f   https://github.com/airwavetechio/helm/blob/master/rbac-clusterrole-airwave-tiller.yml
helm install --name spinnaker -f values-airwave-persistence.yml --namespace airwave-deploy --tiller-namespace airwave-tiller . --timeout 1200
Octant view of the installation job
A lot more text will be shown
Connection information at the end
kubectl get pods --namespace airwave-deploy -l "cluster=spin-deck" -o jsonpath="{.items[0].metadata.name}"
kubectl port-forward --namespace airwave-deploy <deck podname> 9000

Persistence on

PVC view in Octant
Applications > Actions > Create Application
minikube stop
minikube start
What’s that error???
helm install --name spinnaker -f values-airwave-no-persistence.yml --namespace airwave-deploy --tiller-namespace airwave-tiller . --timeout 1200


helm delete spinnaker --tiller-namespace airwave-tiller --purge

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Sometimes I noticed that after waiting 10 minutes, some pods don’t start. The step that has helped (even in production) is to just delete the pod. It should restart normally. If it doesn’t look at the logs. After some investigative work, you should be able to figure out what’s wrong.
  • Patience is your best friend. Sometimes things look like they aren’t working, just wait a little long, no joke!




Helping you build the hardest parts of your Stack

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Helping you build the hardest parts of your Stack

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