Installing Knative with Istio on minikube for Windows

Installing Knative

Install Knative in your Istio-enabled minikube

kubectl apply --filename apply --filename apply --filename apply --filename apply --filename apply --filename
A portion of the output from installing Knative-Eventing

Check on the installation

kubectl get pods --namespace knative-serving
kubectl get pods --namespace knative-eventing

Deploy a sample Serving serverless app

kubectl create namespace airwave-deploy
kubectl label namespace airwave-deploy istio-injection=enabled
kubectl apply --filename
installing the airwavetech hello-world serverless example

Testing it out

Get the IP and Port information

minikube ip && kubectl -n istio-system get service istio-ingressgateway -o jsonpath='{.spec.ports[?(\"http2\")].nodePort}'

Get the Host header information

kubectl get ksvc airwavetech-helloworld -n airwave-deploy,URL:.status.url
Capture the URL
curl -H "Host: <your URL without http://>" http://<minikube IP>:<istio-ingressgatway PORT> 
curl -H "Host:" -v -i
curl the website using the proper host header

Follow up

What just happened?

a screengrab from Kiali showing how things are connected
This file looks like a mix up between your service definition and deployment.


kubectl get pods --namespace airwave-deploy
screengrab of various commands
screengrab of on-demand auto-scaling

Uninstalling Knative

kubectl delete --filename delete namespace airwave-deploykubectl delete --filename delete --filename delete --filename delete --filename delete --filename delete --filename




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Helping you build the hardest parts of your Stack

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