Creating a Helm Chart

Where we are in our stages

A couple of rules first

  • chart names should be lower case letters, numbers and dashes. No underscores, dots, or uppercase letters. Stay away from special characters too, like /\!@#$%^ and others.
  • Chart names must match the name of the parent directory. If you have a chart named myapp, it should be in a directory called myapp. This will get made automatically as you will see below.
  • Helm uses SemVer2 verisoning.
  • have Helm installed on your machine

Hello-World, again.

We are using Helm v.3.1.2.

Initialize your directory

newly created directory structure

Delete the contents of the following files, but don’t delete the files themselves.

empty files




current configmap.yaml
added key:value pairs in values.yaml
values.yaml with a camelCase key

Create a configmap template if you are using one

our configmap.yaml again
using the new value camelCase value

Let’s test our changes in the command line.

  1. We attempted to install the chart, but used the --dry-run parameter so it’s not actually going to install anything.
  2. All we have is a configmap so it would’ve installed a configmap without --dry-run
  3. hello-world is the name of your chart
  4. .hello-world\ is the path to your chart
  5. -f hello-world\values.yaml is telling helm you want to use this values file.
  • values.yaml is where all your data lives
  • the curly braces basically says replace this with the values defined. Here it’s fromValues(from the values.yaml file).airwaveHWPort(the key inside of the values.yaml file).

More Templates






confimap, service, and deployment files have interpolated the values.

Deploy it

lots of output
  • deployment
  • service
  • configmap
proof the 3 resources were created

Package it


  • how to create a Helm chart
  • how Helm values work
  • how to turn your existing Kubernetes manifests into Helm templates
  • how to deploy your chart
  • how to package your chart

To delete

Next Steps




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Helping you build the hardest parts of your Stack

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